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For Readers of By Degrees

Hey, all!

I have a ‘By Degrees’ interlude for the pleasure and entertainment of my newsletter subscribers first, so make sure to sign up!

Note: This interlude focuses on Sam and Mac and is set within the ‘Six Degrees of Lust’ timeline.

Le Blurb

Samuel Shaughnessy is convinced that a five-day getaway in South Beach with Machlan O’Bannon, his friend with benefits, would have zero effect on their agreement. They are all about casual sex and the way he sees it, they’ll just be able to spend more time than usual in bed.

But living in close quarters with a man he likes in more ways than he cares to admit has sparked a sense of intimacy and a dog in the manger attitude he wasn’t expecting. Forced to confront needs and fears deeply buried, Sam is in for a rude awakening.

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Extra! Extra!

If you are not part of my Facebook readers group then you probably haven't heard there's a new publisher of gay romantic fiction in town. It is small, very exclusive, and it only has a logo so far, and, okay, it is my own and will only be releasing my work, but that's great cause I'll have full control of my release schedule now that I'm coming back full force.

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