MMR 2011 Member’s Choice Awards

I was notified yesterday that Heatstroke has been nominated for the MMR 2011 Member’s Choice Awards in the following categories:

1. Best Debut Book
2. Best Couple/MCs for Richard and Manny
3. Best Story that Should/Must Have a Sequel
4. Best Free Story

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to read the story and also nominate it. It means the world to me. And just so you know, I am working on that sequel. If everything goes according to plan, the summer of 2012 will bring more Richard and Manny :-)

Now go, you have until December 30th to vote and you don’t need to be a member in order to do so!

Southern Winterland

My Christmas short story is now available from MLR Press and, in order to celebrate, I’am giving away a copy of it over at

There’s still a chance to enter and the only thing you need to do is share a fond Holiday memory or tradition with me. So, go… What are you waiting for? I’d love to hear them :-)


So I bit the bullet and signed up for it. There are two stories I want to finish by the end of the year and I figured NaNo’s strategy would keep me right on schedule.

If everything goes according to plan, I will finish Disasterology 101 by the end of November and Angel in Disguise by the end of December.

I’ll let you all know how it worked out :)

Twenty-seven Days and Counting

If I close my eyes I can smell the beignets… the cafe au lait… I can see Cafe Du Monde and the Quarter and I can hear Bourbon Street.

That’s right, folks. Just a little over three weeks before yours truly packs her bags and heads down to the magical city that is New Orleans. I’ll be attending GayRomLit this year, a retreat for lovers of GLBT romance, and I can’t wait to meet my fellow authors and readers.

Are you attending? It’s going to be fun!

Hot Summer Days

It is July and the Hot Summer Days event has finally kicked in over at the M/M Romance Group in Goodreads.  Over 110 stories were written by authors and aspiring authors, and the group will release about 20,000 words per day. This could be one, two or three stories every day, depending on how they are grouped together. I’m looking forward to see what everybody came up with.


I don’t have a specific date for when Heatstroke, the story I wrote, will go live, but I’ll let you all know the moment I find out.