Full Term

Some authors often compare writing a story to having a baby.

I am one of them.

The original plot is like a fetus that I will grow and nurture in my wom— I mean, flash drive, until it has fully developed. The editing process is like going into labor, and after hours of sweating, cursing, and swearing not to ever write another word, the baby will come out and, hopefully, every organ — story line— and limb — characterization, setting and pacing— will be exactly how it should.

This year has not been easy for me, and quite frankly, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever with twins named Six Degrees of Separation, and Disasterology 101. As many of you know, they were supposed to be born months ago, but alas, they refused to come out. I could have used forceps, but I chose to bear the pain —of disappointing my readers— and keep them inside for as long as needed over pushing them out too soon only to have them being deformed.

Growing these babies has been an arduous labor of love, and several times I feared I wouldn’t be able to carry them to term. I either didn’t have the time, or the strength, but I did have a serious case of prepartum depression for quite some time. Needless to say, it was bad. But I am lucky. I have the best support system ever, and they held my hand while I pushed, took a breather, and pushed some more until finally the first baby was ready to come out.

I know you all have been waiting for my next story, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much your patience and understanding means to me. I want to thank you for your emails and kind words, as they are the motivation I needed to see things through, and I promise you, I will make it up to you.

Six Degrees of Separation is still growing some limbs, and it’ll be a few more weeks before I can give you guys any details, but progress has been made, and we’re getting closer every day.

In the meantime, I want to share with you the blurb and ultrasound image of Disasterology 101, a story that holds a very special place in my heart.

Le Blurb:

Kevin Morrison had it all. A house he worked hard for, a loving wife, and three beautiful children. But it wasn’t until his marriage ended that he realized what the void he’d felt almost all his life meant. Coming out as a gay man at thirty-six is not an easy feat, but he is determined to be true to his heart. Meeting a man who shares his values, and is good with his children would be a bonus, but when the guy arrives in a uniquely wrapped package, and has very specific handling instructions, Kevin needs to decide if he’s up for that kind of love.

Obsessed with order and symmetry, and a paralyzing fear of germs, Cedric Haughton-Disley has lived with isolation and loneliness as long as he can remember. Desperate to be normal, he makes some much-needed changes in his life. If he can commit to his treatment, he might very well be able to procure some quality of life… even if that’s all he can get, as finding love and having a relationship are only possible in Cedric’s wildest dreams. But when a chance encounter leaves Cedric wishing for more, he decides to take a leap of faith, and pursue the guy he wants.

Together the two men make an unlikely match. Cedric needs organization, and Kevin represents chaos. In order to stay together they both need to compromise, but will they be able to deal with Cedric’s issues and the potential disaster, or let it break them apart?

Slowly but Surely…

I’m working my way back to the online world. My presence has been scarce for the most part, with only the occasional comment on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. I’ve been pretty consistent on my work for Chicks & Dicks, though. You all know what C&D is, right? This pretty cool blog I started a while ago with some friends where we discuss all things related to M/M Romancelandia? If you don’t, go check it out. I can guarantee you’ll like it :-).

It’s been almost four months since I told you guys I’d be taking a break from updating my site. I had books to finish writing and a few personal things to take care of. Add the EDJ and family and the truth is, I just didn’t have enough time to keep up with it all. Heck. Not even staying away was I able to accomplish everything I set out to do, hence the bad news.

Six Degrees of Separation, the second installment in my By Degrees serial, won’t be released in May. Those few personal behind the scenes things I had to deal with took precedence over the writing. As a result I had to re-evaluate the release schedule of my upcoming books. My editor and I have discussed it and we’ll be working hard to polish things up as fast as we can. I’ll let you all know the new release date the moment I get it from my publisher.

That being said, I’m happy to inform you that Disasterology 101, a stand alone story I’m extremely fond of, has a release date. I’ll let you know when once we get closer to it.If you enjoy my work, this little piece should do the trick and hold you over until Six Degrees of Separation comes out *g*.

Can you guys forgive me for the delay? I’m very excited to bring Six Degrees of Separation to you, and hope it’s worth the wait. And hey! You’ll be getting not one, but two titles in short order. Just my way to make it up to you all ;-).

MMR 2011 Member’s Choice Awards

I was notified yesterday that Heatstroke has been nominated for the MMR 2011 Member’s Choice Awards in the following categories:

1. Best Debut Book
2. Best Couple/MCs for Richard and Manny
3. Best Story that Should/Must Have a Sequel
4. Best Free Story

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to read the story and also nominate it. It means the world to me. And just so you know, I am working on that sequel. If everything goes according to plan, the summer of 2012 will bring more Richard and Manny :-)

Now go, you have until December 30th to vote and you don’t need to be a member in order to do so!

Southern Winterland

My Christmas short story is now available from MLR Press and, in order to celebrate, I’am giving away a copy of it over at

There’s still a chance to enter and the only thing you need to do is share a fond Holiday memory or tradition with me. So, go… What are you waiting for? I’d love to hear them :-)


So I bit the bullet and signed up for it. There are two stories I want to finish by the end of the year and I figured NaNo’s strategy would keep me right on schedule.

If everything goes according to plan, I will finish Disasterology 101 by the end of November and Angel in Disguise by the end of December.

I’ll let you all know how it worked out :)

Twenty-seven Days and Counting

If I close my eyes I can smell the beignets… the cafe au lait… I can see Cafe Du Monde and the Quarter and I can hear Bourbon Street.

That’s right, folks. Just a little over three weeks before yours truly packs her bags and heads down to the magical city that is New Orleans. I’ll be attending GayRomLit this year, a retreat for lovers of GLBT romance, and I can’t wait to meet my fellow authors and readers.

Are you attending? It’s going to be fun!