Living on the Edge

I have a cover that I love and a release date for Living on the Edge. Mark your calendars!

Title: Living on the Edge
Series: Caribbean Tales Series
Book: 2
Genre: Gay Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Desecheo Press
Release Date: December 2018


Le Blurb:

Damián Laporte Ortíz is an expert at leading a double life. Most people know him as a war veteran and highly decorated cop working for FURA-SOU, a specialized police unit in Puerto Rico. Others know him as a crook. The truth is he’s morally ambiguous and willing to bend rules. He is also barely holding himself together by keeping his worlds apart.

Gay rights activist Gael Cisneros Beltrán dedicates his life to representing the marginalized LGBT community in a place he otherwise considers to be paradise. Fighting for their rights consumes his days. Going home to his closeted boyfriend replenishes him at night. Balancing their needs, goals, and responsibilities is a complicated act, but their commitment to each other continues to stand.

No challenge is too great to overcome. Nothing can tear them apart. Not until their carefully built parallel lives finally collide. Now they must decide what matters more—the common good or their love.




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