Forces of Nature

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a long while since I was here. I had plans, saw those plans fell through, and days went by without me releasing a single new word, but here I am! I was inspired by the upcoming anniversary of Hurricane María and wrote a…wait…you ready for it? I wrote a short story! I will be telling you more about it in upcoming posts, but here’s the cover and the blurb. <3

Title: Forces of Nature
Series: Caribbean Tales Series
Book: 1
Genre: Gay Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Desecheo Press
Release Date: November 2018



















Le Brlurb:

Pushed out by a stagnant economy, lack of professional opportunities and his own ambition, software engineer Saúl Cartagena Toro migrated from his beloved Puerto Rico to New York City in pursuit of his dream job. He took his partner for granted. He left his family behind. A day hasn’t gone by without Saúl thinking he made the biggest mistake of his life, and now all he wants is to get his better half back.

Years after having his existence turned upside down, Orlando Figueroa Valle is still trying to bounce back from a broken heart. Unable to forgive or forget, he lives consumed by the sense of betrayal, undying love, and the need to detach from his frustration, his bitterness, and his pain. Only the ocean between them and zero communication with the one that got away will keep him sane.

Then Mother Nature intervenes in the form of a potentially catastrophic hurricane, bringing Saúl and Orlando together again. Hunkered down in the home they once shared, the only thing left to do is weather the storm and wait. For the torrential rain to wash away the hurt. For the waves of desire to erode the mistrust. For them to realize they will always be each other’s ray of light.


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