60 Percent Proof

Hey all!

If you’ve read Six Degrees of Lust, then you know Mac was born on May 15th. In order to celebrate our darlin’ Texan’s birthday I wrote a short interlude from the time he and Sam spent in South Beach. It’ll be available for free download next month, and I’ll post the links as the time approaches. In the meantime, here are the cover and blurb :-)

Sam Shaughnessy knows what he wants from Mac O’Bannon: monthly, uncomplicated casual encounters.

Mac is on the same page. For two months they have been enjoying each other’s company, never forgetting that their agreement leaves zero room for long-term commitment.

But a visit to a local gay club during a weekend getaway in South Beach tips the scale, and it isn’t long before Sam starts showing how much he really doesn’t like to share.

Firmly placed rules get suspiciously bent, and by the end of the night only two things are clear: body shots are conducive to extreme displays of arousal and possessiveness, and anything can be blamed on tequila.

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